The RS Continuity Connection, a patented seismic-resistant system for connecting concrete structures, guarantees the direct transfer of forces between two reinforcement bars and achieves PERFECT EMULATION OF THE CAST-IN-PLACE STRUCTURES. This innovative result is achieved thanks to an innovative adjustable device (adjustment foot) placed dry between the concrete structures to be connected, which allows the precast structures to be set up without any provisional shoring or support work. This device helps to absorb the forces involved not only in the transitory phase but also during operation. The connection between the structures is then completed on site by wet sealing using B.S.Grout, a high-strength, doubly expansive mortar (during setting and hardening) created in collaboration between Mapei and B.S. Italia and specifically designed to give the RS continuity connection high performance. The RS System represents an ideal solution from the point of view of seismic performance: by exploiting the concept of adherence (using a cementitious matrix) between the reinforcement bars and the metal sleeve (which, for the first time in the world, is proposed with double adherence: internal and external), it implements complete structural continuity between concrete structures (between precast columns and foundation structures, between two segments of precast columns and between precast beams and columns), typical of structures casted on site.