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Injection sleeve

The innovation of the new B.S. Italia CONTINUITY CONNECTION SYSTEM with seismic-resistant INJECTION SLEEVE for prefabricated concrete connections overcomes all the limitations inherent in connections between concrete structures today, making it possible to achieve the fundamental objectives of good structural design and allowing for PERFECT EMULATION OF CAST-IN-PLACE STRUCTURES for continity connection.

Developed for connecting prefabricated columns and foundations, between two portions of prefabricated columns, between walls and columns or between columns and beams, it is able to create a mutual interlocking bond between the parts, restoring the structural continuity of the reinforcement bars without requiring them to overlap, introducing new and interesting innovations of continuity connection into the world of prefabrication. By exploiting the concept of adherence (by means of a cement matrix) between the reinforcement bars and the SLEEVE, thus guaranteeing the occurrence of a situation of perfect continuity between concrete products, typical of in-situ concrete structures, representing an ideal solution from the point of view of seismic performances in reason of the  continuity connection . On the one hand, the SLEEVES make the use of the system more agile and immediate, speeding up and favouring the precision of assembly, while on the other hand they allow engineering optimisation of the behaviour of the metal inserts inside the concrete structures. Filling the sleeve by injection to make  a perfect continuity connection , as well as the space between the precast elements , is then completed on site by wet sealing using B.S. Grout, a high-strength, doubly expansive mortar (during setting and hardening) created in cooperation between Mapei and B.S.Italia and specifically designed to give the RS continuity connection high performance.