for the foundation/column and column/column  connection has the following features :

Vertical height adjustment: The system of the continuity connection allows for adjustment of the set height and the verticality of the structure in order to absorb any errors in the foundation castings in addition to specific plumbing systems: brackets, threaded rods, rs25

Very high coupling tolerance: thanks to the large diameter of the sleeve

Anchorage in continuity: Guaranteed by the reinforcement of the foundation itself continuing towards the column  / or the reinforcement of the column  continuing towards the same

(perfect emulation of in-situ structures).

Universality: the sleeve  of the continuity connection can be used with rebars  of different diameters: from ø 12 to ø 32

Double adherence: the shape of the sleeve of the continuity connection is designed to ensure internal and external adherence of the system.

Guarantee of ductility: High ductility steels are used.

Excellent fire resistance: B.S. Italia’s anti-seismic Continuity Connections are adequately covered and therefore protected by the concrete of the structure.

Fixing set: The sleeves of the continuity connection are secured by means of a special fixing/centering system which can be connected to the metal templates. The metal templates are therefore fundamental for the correct positioning of the inserts. B.S. Italia S.p.a. can offer, subject to commercial agreement, specific consultancy for the design/manufacture of the templates and technical assistance at the place of production of the products and/or on site.

Structural calculation of the continuity connection: This is not necessary given the guaranteed emulation of traditional in-situ solutions as continuity connection . The system guarantees perfect continuity connection of the reinforcements between the two reinforced concrete structures (ex. column-foundation or column to column ). The connection provides guaranteed structural continuity and therefore does not require any additional calculation.