“Hercules Slim C ” is a high-performance support system for prefabricated concrete construction, characterised by a low cost and a small footprint of the tube box.

In fact, the “Hercules Slim C” bracket has been specially designed for particularly thin structural elements: the niche that houses the tube box occupies a space of just a few centimetres.

The system, which is very light thanks to the reduced weight due dimensions, and allows, in addition to the millimetric adjustment along the three Cartesian axes, a rapid assembly of the dry parts (without welding or bolting) with reduced labour input; the economy of the system can be seen throughout the entire production process:

  • design: the system is available in a range of pre-calculated and certified, ready-to-use variants, for which no design calculations are required;
  • production: the absence of protrusions facilitates the formwork of columns and panels;
  • transport: the absence of protrusions facilitates the transfer of columns and panels;
  • installation: the dry assembly of the pieces allows rapid insertion into the structure, without welding or bolting, with reduced use of specialised personnel.