The M.E. for the system for supporting horizontal from the vertical panel (e.g. lintel) or for fixing panels flush with the structure.
Ercole is the system to support panels in a balanced and antiseismic way. It is available in embedded version, for precast concrete solutions, and flush mounted version, for steel or concrete structures. It allows both millimeter adjustments along the three Cartesian axes and the manufacturing of concrete items without projections.
adjustable: it lets you adjust to millimetre along the three Carthesian axes
versatile: it comes in many versions and can be applied to any load bearing structure,whether precast or cast-in-place, vertical, horizontal or cantilevered, in reinforced concrete or metal, of any size or thickness. In fact, the ERCOLE system can be set at right-angles or be parallel to the panel it has to support, can be aligned or otherwise, adjacent to or apart from the structure;
cost-effective: the low cost of this system can be appreciated at all stages in the production process:

  • design: the system comes in a wide range of pre-calculated certifiedvariants, ready to be used, and so no design calculations are necessary;
  • production: no projecting parts makes it easy to move columns and panels;
  • transport: the absence of protrusions simplifies the transport of columns and beams;
  • installation: the dry assembly of the parts makes for fast insertion in the structure, without the need for welding or bolting, meaning fewer skilled workers are required.