The OMEGA X – ?X system represents the new generation of connection systems between the spaced concrete layers in precast thermal break walls.

It is an innovative system consisting of Brackets and Forks.

The Brackets, called OMEGA X – ?X, are innovative industrialised elements capable of top structural performance in the sector, even with a local thermal bridge which has been reduced to such a minimum level that it is almost irrelevant.

Capable of excellent interaction with the concrete, the OMEGA X – ?X brackets provide effective support for the outer layer in thermal break panels and an efficient seam between layers, offering flexibility, ductility, durability, safety, precision and ease of use.

The forks, known as direct interlocking, create an innovative, powerful, tenacious and effective connection to the metal reinforcement of the hanging layer, capable of keeping them stable and perfectly orthogonal to the layers of the panel even in the presence of accidental impacts.

Both components of the system are made of stainless steel and are designed to ensure maximum cooperation with the concrete and the concrete layer.

Both components of the system are made of stainless steel and are designed to ensure maximum cooperation with the concrete and the metal reinforcement of the thermal break panel. Moreover, they guarantee the constant thickness of the insulation and, through a simple and intuitive configuration, they guarantee maximum efficiency in all the phases of the panel’s life, resulting easy to use, tenacious, rigid and strong so as to guarantee an efficient connection between the layers of the panel but at the same time sufficiently flexible to allow the necessary movements of the external layer consequent to the thermo-hygrometric variations and suitably tenacious to function in a seismic key. The ?THERM programme supports designers in determining the thermal transmittance of panels in compliance with standard UNI EN 6946: 2008.

OMEGA X – ?X Innovative system for the production of thermal break panels with hanging crust is made up of two components called, respectively, Brackets and Forks: OMEGA X – ?X and forks with direct interlocking which has the following main features :

  1. MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE WITH MINIMUM THICKNESS: The OMEGA X – ?X brackets activate a high load-bearing truss mechanism combined with a very small thermal bridge.
  2. TOUGHNESS AND FLEXIBILITY: The connection between the forks and the electro-welded mesh guarantees a solid and tenacious adhesion, while at the same time accommodating linear thermal and hygrometric expansion. Toughness combined with flexibility emerge as ideal performances in seismic terms.
  3. DURABILITY: The use of stainless steel for all the components of the system guarantees durability over time.
  4. MINIMUM TRANSMITTANCE: Thanks to the minimum thickness of the components, the reduced number required and the material with which they are made, they guarantee minimum transmittance.
  5. CERTIFIED CALCULATION PROGRAMME: The Omega-Therm programme allows the calculation of transmittance, omega x and fork position, panel geometries such as weights and volumes, positioning of lifts and joists.
  6. EASE OF USE: The accurate study for the perfect interlocking insertion of the components into the mesh makes the production of thermal break panels fast and economical.
  7. PRICE/PERFORMANCE: The innovative OMEGA X – ?X system represents the best integrated solution, offering maximum performance at minimum cost.