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Elastico 10

ELASTICO 10 is the lifeline systems for the building site. It consists of patented posts and a safety cable.
Elastico is the unique lifeline system provided with shock absorber and is available in the version Elastico 10.
Its pole, whose components are preassembled, involves a quick fail-free coupling. Extremely practical and safe, it permits to cover a span up to 10 meters/32,8’ with two posts only.

Safe use

  • 10 m span between posts.
  • Minimum dimensions – maximum walking area without inclined cables.
  • Shock absorber with double function: cable tensioning and shock absorption during falls.
  • Fixing of post with a foolproof anchoring system.


  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Minimum number of items to erect.
  • Minimum weight and dimension with great post strength.
  • Easy to adjust to suit distances.


  • Tested and certified as compliance with CE standards.
  • Markings on every element.